Final Fantasy 3 For NES

Final Fantasy 3
The first breakthrough final fantasy game which was released for the super nintendo and super famicom. It had many hidden characters and side quests. It was a classic rpg that you could clock up a lot of hours playing. My first game ended at 120 hours. It’s a hard game to find today because not too many copies were made of the game because they later released Final Fantasy 3 in Final Fantasy Anthologies.

The Intro with Terra and the Magitech Armor.

Chocobo Picture Inside Art of Final Fantasy Anthologies.

Above – Terra talking with the summon esper.

Above – the battle with Vagras. He has a fierce wind punch.
The battle system of Final Fantasy 3. It was the first game to make it very easy to hit 9999 hit points and damage points. Not that it wasn’t possible in Final Fantasy 2 but it took like 10 hours of just leveling up to reach level 80+. It has a very fun battle system which you are always on your feet for deciding what to do next.

Above – The magic spell ultima being summoned. Being learned from the paladin shield or ragnarok esper.

and can’t forget the main character Mog.

Final_fantasy_3_beginning_intro Final_fantasy_3_boxcover Final_fantasy_3_chocobo_racing Final_fantasy_3_esper Final_fantasy_3_fight_with_vagras Final_fantasy_3_mog Final_fantasy_3_ultima

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