What Are Amiibos By Nintendo? (A Basic Overview)

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to either the toy or video game worlds over the past two years or so, you’ve likely caught wind of the word Amiibo here and there. It’s quite an odd sounding name, but the premise that makes up what these things actually are is quite simple. To be quite blunt, Amiibo is Nintendo’s answer to the “toys to life” phenomenon that was largely kick started by the Skylanders series. Much like a QR code that you scan with your phone, custom amiibo toys can be scanned into devices that correspond with a video game system to unlock content.

In the case of Amiibo, the corresponding systems are the Nintendo Wii U and handheld 3DS system. The Wii U comes with a tablet-esque game pad that controls whatever game you’re planning. Through it, you can scan your Amiibo figures and change the game you’re playing in various ways. Certain games have more compatibility with Amiibo than others, and each figure does something a little different. All the same, the basic “toy to life” principle is in full effect here. You need look no further than Super Mario Maker for a great example of how it all works.

If you have Super Mario Maker on the Wii U and you also happen to have a Sonic the Hedgehog Amiibo figure, once you scan Sonic you will be granted access to a power up that turns your Mario character into a Sonic sprite. The sound effects and music will even change to give the experience even more oomph. For younger fans of video games, it’s just another fun little layer that will let you get even more longevity and variety out of the game. For older fans, it also adds an additional bit of nostalgia.

Both of these benefits are incredibly useful in making sure that a game remains interesting over time. New games these days cost quite a bit of money, usually between 50 and 60 dollars. If you have some Amiibo figures to use with your current Nintendo games, you’ll be able to squeeze just a bit more functionality out of them and give yourself a little more to do in the long run. It entails additional cost of course, but for many, the added fun factor is more than worth it.

Besides, even if you aren’t that interested in what Amiibo figures do for the games themselves, they can merely be enjoyed as collectibles. A lot of the characters included in the Amiibo lineup have never been merchandised in that way before. If you want a figurine of Little Mac from Punch Out for example, the Amiibo is pretty much your only option right now. Collecting Amiibo is a whole hobby unto itself, and one that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Nintendo has yet another hit on their hands. As one of the major gaming companies, they often receive criticism, but their gamble in entering the toys to life world has clearly paid off.

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Final Fantasy 3 For NES

Final Fantasy 3
The first breakthrough final fantasy game which was released for the super nintendo and super famicom. It had many hidden characters and side quests. It was a classic rpg that you could clock up a lot of hours playing. My first game ended at 120 hours. It’s a hard game to find today because not too many copies were made of the game because they later released Final Fantasy 3 in Final Fantasy Anthologies.

The Intro with Terra and the Magitech Armor.

Chocobo Picture Inside Art of Final Fantasy Anthologies.

Above – Terra talking with the summon esper.

Above – the battle with Vagras. He has a fierce wind punch.
The battle system of Final Fantasy 3. It was the first game to make it very easy to hit 9999 hit points and damage points. Not that it wasn’t possible in Final Fantasy 2 but it took like 10 hours of just leveling up to reach level 80+. It has a very fun battle system which you are always on your feet for deciding what to do next.

Above – The magic spell ultima being summoned. Being learned from the paladin shield or ragnarok esper.

and can’t forget the main character Mog.

Final_fantasy_3_beginning_intro Final_fantasy_3_boxcover Final_fantasy_3_chocobo_racing Final_fantasy_3_esper Final_fantasy_3_fight_with_vagras Final_fantasy_3_mog Final_fantasy_3_ultima

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The Original Bomberman

Bomberman Nes

In 1983 Hudson Soft created the original Nintendo game Bomberman. It was a simple idea for a game but an instant classic.

Bomberman game title.

Use bombs to destroy enemies and break walls to find power ups. The power ups include a bomb bonus which lets you drop one more bomb at a time or the blast bonus which makes the bombs explosion go off farther. You also have to break the walls to find the exit door. Once you defeat all the enemies in the stage you then go to the exit door.

Do not lay bombs next to the exit door or you’ll be sorry.

Last bit of advice is don’t catch yourself in your bombs explosion. Good Luck!

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Get Nintendo Amiibo Figures For A Good Price

Get Nintendo Amiibo Figures For A Good Price

Are you finding it hard to get Nintendo amiibo figures for a fair price? People are charging quite a bit for them, and it’s usually because they know you don’t have many choices due to rarity. Find out ways to get what you want for a fair amount below.

2656faadf43fede774ec5b8b75fb2b9cGo to Nintendo’s website and search for the release dates of their products. That way, you can get whatever you want on preorder right when it’s announced, or you can wait for release day right when the items are put up so you can be able to grab up what you want before others buy them all and place them on eBay. This is the kind of thing that you cannot just wait on to see if maybe there will be a sale. You probably won’t be able to tell which ones are going to be rare either until it’s too late, so always buy them right when they go on sale.

If you need a figure to complete your collection that is fairly rare, then your best bet is to search for auctions where you can swoop in at the last minute and try to get the lowest price. Also – it is not uncommon to find custom amiibo figures if you really want to spice up your collection. Sometimes, if you shop on a site like eBay in the middle of the night, you can find deals while other people are asleep. Just keep in mind that Nintendo may release certain amiibo again, and so you should see if that will be happening soon, so you’re not wasting money.

Nobody should have to fork over a ton of cash for Nintendo amiibo figures if they are collectors. Resellers in this market tend to ruin it for everyone. By learning how to get what you want right when it comes out, you boost your chances of getting fair prices.



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Why Amiibos Are Good For Kids

custom starfox amiibo figureThe Nintendo Amiibo Figures are small figures based on different Nintendo characters. The child puts them on the remote and they are able to come alive in the game. Most games that they work with can be played without them but they are a great way to enhance the game.

If you have children, you should show them the different characters to see which ones they would want to have the most. Different kids would pick different figures. If you are planning to buy these as a gift it would be a good idea to know what the kids want.

It might be fun to collect all the characters to have different types of gameplay. Different characters can do different types of things in the games. If your kids are into the characters they could tell you what each of the different Amibos can do.

You want to make sure that you do have some of the games that use them. If not, you will need to buy at least one. Figure out what game would be the most fun or what game your kids have their eye on. If you can afford it you can get more than one.

Some games use the Amiibo characters more than others. This could be a factor in what you want to buy as well. Figure out what game would be best based on what your kids want to use the Amiibos for. That way, they can have the most fun with them.

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What is the Cheapest Bowflex to Buy?

So you have finally decided to equip your home or office with a Bowflex fitness machine or other state of the art workout equipment. However; you are finding out that while Bowflex offers premium quality in all its American made, precision engineered products. They are not as cheap as some of the lesser quality Chinese manufactured fitness gear currently on the market.

Always the Best Deals Online

If you are looking for a bargain on your Bowflex home gym, treadmill, SelectTech Dumbbells or any other Bowflex equipment for that matter take heart. This is because there are in fact, tons of great deals out there online but you are going to have to take a little time to scout them out.

Consider Your Warranty Options

For a discount deal on a new Bowflex machine or gym equipment, you may want to consider buying from an independent Bowflex dealer. However; one thing that you will have to forgo if you go this route is make sure and visit the best CK Bowflex M5 Review . Of course, independents will have warranties but they just won’t be as long or comprehensive as you would get from the official Bowflex site.

Check the Online Auction Sites

bowflex reviewYou should have no trouble finding great bargains on used Bowflex home gyms and equipment on any one of the online auction sites, such as eBay. However; just as with buying anything else that is used, the cheaper the price, the less pristine the condition that you can expect your Bowflex purchase to be in.

Check the Sellers Feedback

This does not completely discount the fact that none the less, there are rare and exceptional deals to be found. If you have never before shopped on eBay then there are some basic rules of thumb that you will want to know. Also another option is – http://www.coryklinge.com/comprehensive-bowflex-pr1000-review-worth-price/ One is that you will want to check the feedback that the person you are considering buying form has received from previous customers.

No Clear Accurate Pictures – No Sale!

Another thing that you will want to see is good clear pictures and an accurate description of the Bowflex equipment that is being featured. No clear pictures then no sale! Also, remember to bear in mind that what ever it is that you are buying has to be shipped. This is definitely something that you will want to negotiate with the seller.

No Clear Accurate Pictures – No Sale!

Another thing that you will want to see is good clear pictures and an accurate description of the Bowflex equipment that is being featured. No clear pictures then no sale! Also, remember to bear in mind that what ever it is that you are buying has to be shipped. This is definitely something that you will want to negotiate with the seller.

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